The Bird Who Came To Dinner

Meadow Lake Shore Line on May 30

Magnificient May    May 30 2007
Oh My My!       the end is Near.
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May is Peaceful Green
Brown Tip Reeds

Meadow Lake Boat House

The changing seasons color the park in infinite gradiations, each day subtilely unique. Winter's loamy brown will slowly yield to mid-summer's deep reds - most pronounced in May's brown tiped reeds; which become red tipped when fully mature. The chromatically morphing reeds cut the largest swatch of color across the park, the grassy turf staying hues of green all winter.

The shades of late May, green with a tinge of gold, produce an illusion of tranquallity on the mind - and perhaps not only the human mind. The gold is most evident in bright sunshine, with the green turning markedly deeper in the cast of May's long shadows.

Serene Scene

Goose Gander and Downs
May is Glorious Green

Lone Duck and May Lakeside Foliage
Egret Fishing in Meadow Lake

Egret Standing On Rock

TOP PHOTO Closeup of photo at right, Great White Egret stands on rock next to passive duck. Great White is endangered due to over-hunting for decorative plumage.
TOP LEFT & RIGHT PHOTOS Photo at left was snapped to show the golden green hue of lakeside foliage, and the quietude of late May day. A lone duck sunbathes on warm rock. At right, a Great White Egret drops from sky to perch beside duck, which pays no attention to the large, exotic bird.
LOWER LEFT & RIGHT PHOTOS At left, Egret hops into water and begins to fish. At right, (very unusual) Egret allows human encroachment to have photo taken. Perhaps it flew to New York City to become a star? Broadway producers take note: sings a little, but can she dance?
BOTTOM PHOTO Closeup of photo at left, Great White Egret in fishing posture.

Great White Egret in fishing posture

Egret in Meadow Lake
Great White Egret

Come and Sit for a While
Garden Rows

Rose Garden in May

TOP PHOTO New York State Pavilion looms over rose garden. The Pavilion was recently named one of the World's Ten Most Neglected Landmarks, but it looks rather stately here.
TOP LEFT & RIGHT PHOTOS Bench lined walkway offers a quality respite, the perfect contemplation garden, a place to ponder time, tides, and the universe. Here, even Stephen Hawking seems to make sense.
LOWER LEFT & RIGHT PHOTOS The city's garderners have created a magical moment of ephemeral beauty, manicured rows of delicate roses kissing the maytime sun.
BOTTOM PHOTO A panoply of new life is born in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, and migratory pathways have crossed on this spot since the dawn of time. The rosebud symbolizes the continuity of life with the environment, proud and prosperous during New York City's glorious month of May.

Roses in Full Bloom

Contemplation Bench
Row of May Roses

photos: joseph tiraco, 2007

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