Fountain of the Planets

Fountain of the Fairs Mosaic

The suite of mosaics at Station Square are deteriorating rapidly, and sorely in need of repair or protection. The NYC Parks Department has been notified, and the letter from Commissioner Benepe (AT RIGHT) seems reassuring that the situation is well in hand. Station Square is the main entrance to the train station for Flushing Meadows Corons Park, Shea and Arthur Ashe Stadiums. The foot traffic in the square is very heavy, exposing the mosaics to a wide variety of viewers. They, the mosaics, are a unique form of public art that simply appear underfoot, picturegraphs telling stories of the park. Beside Station Square, The Court of the Astronauts alongside the Unisphere has picturegraph tilework. The most famous mosaic tilework in the park is the floor of the New York State Pavilion - a gigantic Texaco road map of New York State, which, unfortunately, is no longer accessible to the public, and may have been permanently lost to posterity.

Letter from NYC Parks and Recreation

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