Willow Lake

Willow Lake

This sign is located just off Jewel Avenue and proclaims the lofty goal of city fathers concerning the policy for Willow Lake. But is an urban landscape hostile to the general public the best use for this land?

Willow Lake Thick Underbrush Willow Lake Thick Underbrush

Extremely thick underbrush bars the path of visitors to the Willow Lake section of Flushing Meadows Corona Park. There is no foot path around the lake or bird-watching trails in the area. Only a single crude path, recently cut, goes to the lake and then abruptly ends.

Willow Lake Foot Path

Willow Lake Eerie Shapes Willow Lake Mysterious Beauty

Strange and weird shapes rise up out of the chaotic tangle of climbing vines, thick underbrush, and fallen tree limbs. The remote gloom of Willow Lake can make it a very scary place at sunset. The perfect venue for ghostbusters on Halloween eve.

Willow Lake Strange Shapes

Willow Lake Reflection Willow Lake Reflection

Because there is no foot path around Willow Lake, the thickets grow undisturbed right up to the water's edge, appearing sky high and miles deep like the reflection in a looking glass.

Willow Lake Reflected

Willow Lake Willow Tree Proud to be Wild

The willow trees of Willow Lake are unpruned, and grow almost without the meddling of human hands. Consequently, they appear wilder and more majestic then their kin at Meadow Lake.

Willow Lake Willow Tree

Entering the Channel Passing Under the Bridge

Young lady negotiates the flow between Meadow, and Willow Lake in kayak to go bird watching. This is by far the best way to tour Willow Lake.

On to Willow Lake